Bedge: The New Trend in Online Emotes

If you are an avid user of online platforms like Twitch, Discord, or Reddit, you may have noticed a new emote popping up in chats and comments: Bedge. But what does Bedge mean, and where did it come from? We will explore the origin, meaning, and usage of Bedge, the new trend in online emotes.

What is Bedge?

Bedge is an emote that is available on BetterTTV, a browser extension that enhances Twitch with new features, emotes, and more. Bedge was uploaded by a user named dewwicc on March 11, 2021. The emote depicts a cartoon character with a smug expression and a red hat that says “Bedge” on it. The character is based on the protagonist of the video game Super Mario Odyssey, Mario.

What does Bedge mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, Bedge has two possible meanings. The first one is “the opposite of bet”, which is typically used by tilted Teamfight Tactics streamers to express their anger and frustration with low rolling. For example, “I only got one Yassuo all game, and it was from my augment. Bedge.” The second one is “both a bed and a hedge”, which is used to describe sleeping in a hedge instead of paying for a hostel. For example, “Simon made his bedge and lay in it.”

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How to use Bedge?

Bedge can be used in various ways depending on the context and tone. Some possible scenarios are:

  • To mock or taunt someone who failed or lost. For example, “You got outplayed by a bronze player. Bedge.”
  • To express sarcasm or irony. For example, “Wow, you got a legendary skin from a loot box. Bedge.”
  • To show confidence or superiority. For example, “I’m the best player in this lobby. Bedge.”
  • To agree or confirm something. For example, “Are you ready to win this game? Bedge.”


Bedge is a new emote that is gaining popularity among online users. It can have different meanings depending on the context and tone, but it usually conveys a sense of smugness or sarcasm. Bedge can be used to mock, taunt, express irony, show confidence, or agree with something. If you want to join the Bedge trend, you can download BetterTTV and add the emote to your chat. Just be careful not to offend anyone with your Bedge usage. Thank you for reading!

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